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Contemporary and Traditional Dance Workshops

Dance has been an integral part of our survival and cultural evolution into this century. A tool of self- expression, dance is ceremony and prayer. It is through our varies art practices that we are able to reclaim our spirit acknowledging and transforming hardships that we have endured for hundreds of years including abuse, loss of land, language and family structure.

This workshop/presentation will create cultural awareness and a greater understanding of who we are and where we are coming from as Indigenous people. Participants will be moved and connected with a better understanding of our First Nations Culture. Culture is an extension of our nature and spirit alive and well in this 21 st century.

This workshop will include a performance, presentation and talking circle.

Dance Studio

Call to the heart through the arts

Reconciling Healing in Action

This workshop will be include a water ceremony led by Dr. Debby Danard with a performance  of Maggie & Me: A healing Dance, by Christine. Participants will experience the uplifting of  power through movement. A shift of energy creating the opportunity to open their feelings and remove negativity. This will also including a sharing circle.

Dr. Debby Danard's website link

Little Dancers

community projects

Dance Camp for Kids

This year will mark the 11th  annual dance camp that Friday Creeations has been hosting in our community (Temagami First Nation) along with the Doreen Potts Health Centre for ages 6 -12. Paricipants train in contemporary dance, mask making and learn choroegraphy that leads to a community performance.

If you would like to host a dance camp in your community contact  Christine Friday for more information.

Current Project: Roots & Wings 

For the next two years Friday Creeations in collaboration with Aanmitaagzi will engage community in the creation of an original new work that will Reconnect to our traditional family stories.

Workshops: Service
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