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Path Without End

A 10 minute documentary dance film about taking back our power and speaking our truth on our traditional family territory.

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The 10-minute film, Path Without End, will incorporate dance, archival images, and creative b-roll, with the addition of interviews and information about the Friday family and their experiences at Shingwauk Residential School. The overall tone is one of empowerment. The Friday family walked into the fire of residential school and rose out of its ashes. Their resilience is the focus of the film, not the violence inflicted upon them. The interviews with Christine’s mother, aunt, and uncle, will show each of them doing an activity that is part of their lives, such as her mother painting while she speaks.  
This project will also document Christine’s creation process as an artist. We will capture behind the scenes footage of a dance artist’s journey in intimate detail as she researches, connects, develops, evokes, creates, and rehearses for this new work. She will be exploring concepts such as her body as archive and land as memory. She will be taking movements inspired by her dance on the land and around the residential school into the choreographic process for a new work. She will be working with special effects and visual effects to create a spirit world or alternate dimension to suggest where the Path Without End emerges from and disappears to. She will be embodying her family’s story and archiving it through dance and film.

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