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Maggie and Me
(50 min) honours and continues the legacy of women as healers in our communities; traditional practice revealed in a contemporary world.

This piece began with the offering to be a jingle dress dancer evolving into the creation of a contemporary healing dance allowing gifts and ancestral experience's to guide the choreographer in the creation and manifestation. The journey travels with us through dimensional realms of existence - spirit, dream, and present - the healing and revitalization of our Anishinaabe culture. With a movement style that is at once free, lyrical, explosive an expression of indigenous contemporary dance, she walks into her own power.

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production details

50 Minute Full-Length Production

  • Creator/Producer/Choreographer - Christine Friday

  • Sound Design - Rob Bertola


20 Minute Production

  • Creator/Producer/Choreographer - Christine Friday

  • Director - Robert Desrosiers

  • Sound Design - Rob Bertola


maggie & me

solo performance


nipissing university

Maggie and Me: Service
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